At Carolina Brick, we carry a large variety of different mulches. Pine bark and shredded mulch in various colors are very popular for completing a landscape project.

  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Double Hammered Hardwood Mulch
  • Mini & Large Pine Nuggets
  • Red/Black/Brown Dyed Mulch
  • Cedar
  • Cypress


Our sand selection includes mortar sand, concrete sand and landscape sand.

  • Red Mortar Sand
  • Tater Sand
  • C-10 Concrete Sand
  • Regular White Mortar Sand


Gravel can be used for so many landscape projects. Our gravel includes gravel for driveways, recycled concrete, gravel for drainage areas and a base for pavers or pathways.

  • 78M
  • 67
  • 57
  • 5
  • ABC
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Rip Rap
  • Decorative Stone
  • Screenings


Our dirt and topsoil selection is one of the best in the southeast. Choose our premium screened topsoil for lawns and shrubs. We also carry fill dirt and red dirt for other landscape projects.

  • Fill Dirt
  • Red Dirt
  • Screened Red Dirt
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Mixed Topsoil


We offer mushroom compost to keep your garden fertilized all year round. We also offer a soil conditioner to improve the fertility of your garden.

  • Mushroom Compost
  • Soil Conditioner


  • Pineneedles
  • Wheatstraw
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • Fertilizer
  • Lime
  • Grass Seed